Our People

THE LIFEBLOOD OF JANKEL Throughout our history, the Jankel brand has been associated with automotive excellence, engineered authenticity, outdoor adventure, a builder’s passion and the fight for freedom. Our reputation for quality and performance wasforged from our passion for innovation and our commitment to delivering unmatched capability to our customers. OUR PEOPLE Those most familiar with Jankel know our success is due to the technical reputation of our products. What is more difficult to see is the dedication of all the people that make it happen. Jankel not only invests in engineering innovation, we also invest in sustaining a customer-focused culture of entrepreneurship. Our personnel take ownership and pride in delivering differentiation with quality. Entrenched deep into our culture is a value system that inspires duty, pride and honor. We believe that when you make people your mission, people will make your mission. As a result, we have to live out our best values to ensure we deliver the best value to our customers. Values such as Integrity, Flexibility, Communication, Adaptability, Speed, Accountability and Customer Focus were established early in the founding of Jankel and they remain the drivers of the quality and performance that we deliver to our customers every day. Our people are our greatest asset. And through their knowledge, skill, experience and leadership, Jankel is dedicated to providing the complete solution, while guaranteeing a paramount product with the greatest total life cycle advantage. We will never sacrifice quality or capability. And we will consistently supply the best products needed to execute the mission.