Dealer Program and Support

In 2015, Jankel Automotive Group launched its dealer network and support program. Offering a product like no other, we began collaborating with dealerships on how Jankel could deliver turnkey, warranty-supported vehicle packages, conversion kits and aftermarket parts. Jankel now supplies and supports a number of dealers across the United States, spanning the east coast, west coast and in between. Registered as a vehicle manufacturer, Jankel Automotive Group follows the same intensive production methodologies and demanding quality processes that we utilize when producing military vehicles and products. Our vehicles are built to last, and Jankel stands behind our turnkey build packages, custom conversions and aftermarket parts with the same level of integrity and craftsmanship of our military vehicle platforms.


Our turnkey program offers dealerships a partner that warrants their work the same way the Original Equipment Manufacturer does. This allows Jeep® Dealers to sell Jankel up-fitted, new Wrangler vehicles on their lot. Our model mitigates the liability that a dealer may encounter when utilizing a local assembler or shop. Our manufacturing process and designs always consider the factory warranty, and we ensure this warranty is not disrupted by making certain there are no modifications to the body, frame, doors and structural components of the interior. Jankel offers and supports parts that are not manufactured by us such as products from Truck-Lite™, Putco®, Warn®, BFGoodrich®, TeraFlex, Bilstein™, Dynatrac, Hutchinson® and others. All of our suppliers are vetted through our supplier quality process, and each supplier warrants their product.


All of our vehicle purchase inquiries are steered toward a dealer within the potential customer’s territory, and we have a dedicated team that handles all dealership customer service needs.