After Market Parts


HD-MIL Front Bumper


Part Number: K000228

Our HD-MIL Front Bumper is inspired by the design of the military Jeep® SOV Pegasus bumper. This is a full-width front bumper which gives 100% full coverage and protection from the harsh off-road abuse that Jeeps are known to love. Unlike many stubby bumpers on the market that boast a better approach angle, we believe that this design with raised wheelhouse protection and fender-to-fender coverage offers the approach needed as well as the on- and offroad protection that daily driving requires. This bumper includes a recessed winch mount, Jankel-designed fairlead and frame-end recovery points. The grill protection points are a direct civilian evolution of the military “Air-Lift” points. This design feature allows increased protection for the radiator and a mounting location for auxiliary lighting. E-Coated or MIL-Tex Finish. Made of military-grade steel and engineered in the U.S.A.

HD-MIL Rear Bumper & Trail Tire Carrier


Part Number: K000230 (without Trail Tire Carrier) or K000229 (with Trail Tire Carrier)

Our full-width HD-MIL Rear Bumper is again a direct descendant of the Jeep SOV Pegasus Rear Bumper. This bumper is stout! Delivering full-wheelhouse coverage that ensures mitigation of any risks taken on the trail, you can feel confident of a safe journey home. This bumper holds a focused 300 pounds at any point along its reach left to right. The rear bumper was designed with a shelf area to not only allow the support needed for tactical use, but to allow easy access in or out of the vehicle. This design was retained when transitioning the bumper from strict military applications to civilian use. You can easily stand on the bumper or even use the rear as a platform to walk on in deep-water situations. In off-road scenarios, we often encounter the need for trail side repairs and this tabletop-style rear bumper gives ample space to perform repairs. Both the front and rear bumpers have recovery shackles. You will find these at each of the four corners of the Jeep in line with the driver and passenger frame rail. E-Coated or MIL-Tex Finish available. Made of militarygrade steel and engineered in the U.S.A.

HD-MIL Front and Rear Fenders


Part Numbers: K000233 (Front Set), K000234 (Rear Set)

Jankel’s HD-MIL Fenders are purpose-built military-grade components. These fenders are MIL-grade steel and built to take on the toughest conditions. Just as with our bumpers, the design provides a platform capable of supporting a focused 300 pounds at any spot along its width. In instances of deep-water crossing and muddy holes, the fenders mitigate mud and water elements from covering the windshield. The full wheel coverage provides driver and passenger protection from flying debris on- and off-road. E-Coated or MIL-Tex Finish available. Made of military-grade steel and engineered in the U.S.A.

HD-MIL Rock Rail


Part Number: K000231 (Set)

The Jankel HD-MIL Rock Rails protect the entry points of your Jeep®. No matter if it’s at the office or on the trail, these rockers offer a solid-steel step that has been coated in a UV and skid-resistant coating. For off-the-highway adventures, you’ll find that even if the trail gets high and tight, these rock rails will let you move over and past obstacles. Our products function as one complete system. You’ll find our fenders and rock rails are size-matched to not only provide full protection, but also a seamless look from any point around the vehicle. E-Coated or MIL-Tex Finish available. Made of military-grade steel and engineered in the U.S.A.

HD-MIL Skid Plate


Part Number: K000232 (with JK Bracket)

Our full-width HD-MIL Skid Plate helps protect your Jeep from the dangers that a vehicle’s undercarriage encounters when off-road. The oil pan and elements of the vehicle’s drivetrain are always at risk when you’re out exploring, but the HD-MIL Skid Plate lets you push the limits without any worries. This part is available E-Coated or in MIL-Tex Finish. Made of military-grade steel and engineered in the U.S.A. RECOVERY:

Warn® Zeon 10-S™ Winch


Part Number: M900223

Recovery is not just about a tow strap and tow hooks. Our customers have to be prepared for any situation. Sometimes this means self-recovery. And when the going gets tough, you want a Warn Winch. Our recovery option features the Warn Zeon 10-S Winch, Fairlead and Synthetic rope. Choose your way to conquer the terrain. The ZEON 10-S is tough enough to tackle anything you will encounter, with a look that is advanced, capable and strong. Muck-busting sealing keeps out everything but the good times. Add a hyperdurable cast-aluminum housing, satin-black finish, and 10,000-lb., single-line pulling capacity and, well, you’ve got a workhorse unit you can trust for years to come. Includes 100' of 3/8" WARN Spydura synthetic rope, a temperature-resistant sleeve on the first layer, a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve for abrasion resistance, and a matte aluminum hawse Jankel fairlead. A convertible control pack can be attached to the winch or remotely mounted, allowing for various winch mounting options and looks. (Relocation kit required and sold separately.)
  • Updated planetary gear train and series-wound motor deliver fast, quiet and reliable pulling power.
  • Satin-black, powder-coated finish with stainless steel fasteners and clutch lever looks great and inhibits corrosion. Improved winch sealing to keep the elements out.
  • Large-diameter winch drum reduces rope wear, is lightweight, and has an integrated rope anchor for easy rope installation.
  • Backed by the WARN Limited Lifetime Warranty

Truck-Lite™ JK-MIL LED Headlamp


Part Number: M900166 (Set)

Truck-Lite is the leading manufacturer of US military tactical wheeled vehicle lighting solutions. Known for their performance and quality, Truck-Lite offers a durable, field-proven design that is 100% made in the USA. Utilizing Truck-Lite allows us to not only bring the reliability of military products, but our vehicles are able to keep complete DOT compliance. Truck-lite side markers are also included in most packages. This package is exclusive to Jankel Automotive Group, due to our military vehicle manufacturer’s certification. Metallized reflector optics provide a lighting experience that is smooth and clean across the driving surface. Provides a brighter, crisper and whiter light output, closer to the color temperature of daylight, dramatically improving light projection distance and overall visibility. Durability and dependability of the LED lighting provides a solid-state, bulb-free headlamp design that is impervious to damage from shock and vibration. Made with military-grade, die-cast aluminum housing and non-yellowing, the polycarbonate lens offers optimum protection against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards.

Jankel-Putco® JK HPP LED Headlights


Part Number: M900221 (Set)

For the consumer seeking an advanced performance civilian lighting solution, The Jankel–Putco Luminix High Power Performance (HPP) LED package is our latest headlight incorporation. The Jankel–Putco Luminix HPP LED package is rugged, sleek, and constructed with aircraft aluminum. These lights deliver a runway brightness of 6,000LM output per pair. The Luminix HPP LEDs feature a night-creature mystique with futuristic flair and a star-white shine with 5,500K color temperature.



Part Number: K000235 (SET)

These taillights feature an exclusive MIL-style LED blackout design that is enclosed by a Jankel light housing. The light housing corners are the same design as those we have used on previous military platforms, and the fit is complimentary to all 2007-2017 Wrangler platforms. These lights now come with plug-and-play connectors. Univolt Technology (12 or 24 volt systems will run without adjustment) is also available. Truck-Lite LEDs offer lens and housing assemblies constructed of impact-resistant polycarbonate. FMVSS 108, MIL-STD-1179 compliant, and DOT. The LED life surpasses the 2,000 hours of incandescent bulbs by nearly 50 times. Mobility:



Part number: B902193

The TeraFlex JK Outback suspension system is designed as a complete suspension system exclusively for expedition style overland travel. This kit was designed from the ground up for a dedicated vehicle capable of supporting sustained self-reliant travel over extreme terrain. Some components were modified to make them more suited for long stretches of washboard roads with no maintenance required. Some of these changes are found in the flexarm joints–opting to use factory style rubber bushings at both ends of the flexarm. This delivers maximum vibration damping. The allowable flex provided by rubber bushings provides full articulation, utilizing maximum shock travel available. Special consideration and attention was spent on correct spring rate tuning and development. Dedicated overland travel requires the use of specific spring rates suited to heavy loads and continuous mechanical resonance that react differently than ‘standard’ coil spring rates. This system incorporates custom, load-enhanced, heavy-duty spring rate coils to meet the performance demands of a fully loaded Jeep® and maintain the lift height. Suspension-limiting straps prevent any potential damage to drivetrain or suspension by maximizing down travel safely. Additional details are addressed such as critical gusseting, bracing and other bracketry to beef up areas that are prone to damage and fatigue typically experienced with extended overland trips. When combined with Fox long travel shocks, superior performance is achieved. This system includes 3" lift-load-enhanced coil springs, 8 adjustable alpine flexarms, front swaybar disconnects, rear swaybar links, rear trackbar bracket, speedbump bumpstops, front limit straps, and all necessary hardware. This kit will allow you to run up to a 35" tire (aftermarket wheels with 4.5" backspacing or less are required). Fits all JK Wrangler Unlimited models including Rubicon.
  • Note: Driveshaft modifications are recommended with this suspension system. 2012+ JKs require exhaust spacers (#2610000 TeraFlex) or other exhaust modification for proper driveshaft clearance. Because of the load-enhanced spring rate, this kit is designed specifically for “heavy-loaded” Jeeps. A firmer ride will be experienced with an empty payload.
Wheels & Tires Combination: Jankel uses the BFGoodrich® KM2 (Mud-Terrain) or KO2 (All-Terrain) for our military platforms and commercial JK packages. We pair this with Hutchinson® Rock Monster™ beadlock wheels.




To increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow, it is necessary to increase the footprint of the tires. This is achieved by decreasing the tire’s air pressure, which requires wheels that are equipped with a beadlocking device. Hutchinson’s wheel design allows the use of internal beadlocks, keeping them street legal. This quality-designed, 2-piece, heavy-duty aluminum wheel is strong and guaranteed to outperform any street legal beadlock wheel on the market.

    Size 17 x 8.5''

  • Bolt pattern 5H - 5'' BCD
  • Lug style 1/2'' 60 degrees conical
  • Hub bore diameter 2.816'' (71.5 mm)
  • SAE rated load 2,300 lbs. - 60 psi

    Backspacing 4.63'' (117.6 mm)

  • Construction cast aluminum alloy
  • Each wheel assembly includes: Assembly
  • studs and locking nuts O-ring seal
Jankel Creature Comforts & Necessities:




Built to make your ride more comfortable, the Jankel LX Venture seat covers come standard with heated and vented capability (driver and passenger) and include second row matching bench covers. No matter if you’re headed out to the trail, the office or just cruising, you can enjoy your ride in style. Easy to clean, the Jankel embroidered seat covers come standard in black with suede inserts and wings, a perforated center for comfort and Jankel silver luxury piping. Other colors are available upon request. INTERIOR COMPONENTS & ACCESSORIES:




A great addition to any Jeep ® JK. Stylish and functional, the HD Knuckles Grab Handles are manufactured from 6061 aluminum. The stanchions and ball bolt are produced out of 7075 aluminum. All handles are hard-anodized to Military Standard A-8625, Type III, Class 2 black, with 2-millimeter coating thickness. Easy to install, the grab handles bolt on to the vehicle A-pillar locations and no modifications are necessary.




A direct replacement part to the OEM grab bar. Now you can upgrade your interior with a branded, sleek Jankel Grab Bar manufactured from 6061 aluminum and anodized with machined highlights. Standoffs mount with factory hardware for quick and easy installation. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS:


(Intended For Off-Road Use)